Off-Site Shredding Service: Is It Best for Your Business?

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Most companies prefer on-site shredding over getting an off-site shredding service without realizing its impact on your staff’s productivity. Shredding your company’s sensitive documents can get out of control. Your office is overflowing with little shredded snippets and your staff is spending more time emptying and maintaining the machines than doing their actual jobs. It might be time to consider an alternative like off-site shredding. Off-site shredding services can save you time, space, and money while ensuring your documents are destroyed securely. Keep reading to determine if off-site shredding is the right choice for your business and how to find a reputable shredding partner. Your overflowing shred bins will thank you.

What is an Off-Site Shredding Service?

Off-site shredding means hiring a secure shredding service to come pick up your sensitive documents and shred them at their own facility. This is a convenient option if you don’t want the hassle of shredding in-house.

Cost-effective and compliant

Off-site shredding service can save you time, and money, and ensure you stay compliant with data protection regulations. You avoid the upfront cost of an industrial shredder and don’t have to pay an employee to operate it. The shredding company is responsible for proper disposal and providing a certificate of destruction.

How it works

You fill locked consoles or bins provided by the shredding company with your documents. They pick up the consoles on a regular schedule, usually once a week or a few times a month. The documents are shredded immediately at their secure facility using industrial shredders. Some companies even shred on-site in a mobile shredding truck.

Choose a reputable company

Make sure to choose a shredding company with experience, certifications, and a proven track record. They should be compliant, using shredders that cut documents into tiny diamond dust or confetti-sized pieces. Ask if they can provide references from long-time clients.

Off-site shredding gives you the benefit of professional, certified shredding without the hassle. Your sensitive data remains secure and compliant, and you have more time to focus on running your business. For privacy, efficiency, and cost-saving, off-site shredding could be the perfect solution for your document destruction needs.

Pros of an Off-Site Shredding Service

Off-site shredding services offer some significant benefits for businesses.

  • Convenience. With off-site shredding, you don’t have to waste time overseeing the shredding process or cleaning up the mess afterward. The shredding company will come to pick up your documents on a regular schedule and shred them at their own secure facility. All you have to do is fill up the bins! This frees up your time and resources to focus on your actual business.
  • Increased security. Off-site shredding helps ensure total destruction of your confidential documents. The shredding is done at a secure plant using industrial shredding equipment that turns papers into unreadable particles. Your documents won’t be left sitting in an unsecured bin waiting to be shredded. Off-site shredding minimizes the risk of any sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.
  • Cost-effectiveness. While off-site shredding services charge a fee to collect and shred your documents, it may ultimately save you money versus purchasing a shredder and shredding in-house. The shredding company already has the necessary equipment and resources, so you don’t have to invest in costly machinery. They can also shred high volumes efficiently. Some shredding services may even provide the bins, bags, and other supplies needed free of charge.
  • Reliability. A professional shredding service will securely destroy your documents on a regular schedule that suits your needs. They have the staff, equipment, and processes in place to handle shredding reliably and responsibly. You don’t have to worry about mechanical issues interfering with on-site shredding or employees forgetting to shred important documents. Off-site shredding gives you peace of mind that the job will get done right.

Off-site document shredding makes information security and compliance simple. When done properly by a reputable shredding service, it’s a hassle-free solution that protects your business and customer data. For many companies, off-site shredding is the best approach.

Should You Choose an On-Site or Off-Site Shredding Service?

Off-site shredding services offer a convenient solution for securely destroying your sensitive documents. Rather than managing an on-site shredding program, you can hire a shredding company to pick up your documents and shred them at an off-site facility.

Less Hassle

With off-site shredding, you avoid the hassle of operating your own shredding equipment or managing shredded paper disposal. Shredding companies handle everything from scheduled pickups to transporting and shredding your documents to recycling the shredded paper. They use industrial shredders to thoroughly destroy documents according to industry standards.

Increased Security

Professional shredding companies employ strict security procedures to keep your documents confidential during transport and shredding. Their facilities often have advanced security systems like guarded entrances, security cameras, and identification checks for all employees. Your documents are securely shredded immediately upon arrival to minimize the risk of theft or accidental disclosure.

Cost Savings

Although off-site shredding services charge fees for pickup and shredding, they can still save you money compared to on-site shredding. You avoid the initial capital expense of buying a shredder and the ongoing costs of supplies, maintenance, and labor. Shredding companies can also negotiate lower rates for shredded paper recycling based on higher volume.

Regulatory Compliance

Shredding companies stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements for secure document destruction to ensure their services meet compliance standards like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and PCI DSS. By hiring a shredding service, you can be confident your sensitive documents are properly destroyed in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

For many businesses, off-site shredding is a secure, affordable, and hassle-free solution for responsible document destruction. Partnering with a trusted shredding company allows you to focus on your core business while they handle this important task.


So now you’ve weighed the pros and cons of on-site vs. off-site shredding services. The choice comes down to how much control you want over the process vs. the convenience of outsourcing. If staying on top of regulatory compliance and keeping costs low are priorities, on-site shredding may give you more oversight. But if freeing up staff time and avoiding the hassle of managing the shredding process in-house appeals to you, off-site shredding could be the way to go.

At the end of the day, you know your business and needs best. Think about what will help you and your team sleep easiest at night, whether that’s shredding those documents yourself or handing the reigns over to a trusted third party. The peace of mind that comes from secure and responsible document destruction is worth its weight in gold. Choose the option that gives you confidence in your compliance and lets you get back to focus on growing your business. Curious about more shredding options? 9 Reasons to Outsource Document Shredding discusses the benefits of professional shredding services.

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Off-Site Shredding Service: Is It Best for Your Business?

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