All about free paper shredding events in Miami

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Are you tired of searching shred events near me in Miami on Google? If yes, you are not alone. Paper shredding events are becoming exceedingly famous all over the world. Just a couple of years ago, shredding events used to happen rarely and with huge gaps in between. Organizers of these events had to put in a lot of money just to attract people and have them stay till the end of the event. However, times have changed now and more people are showing interest in such events due to the focus on educating people about the importance of proper waste management. If you are someone looking for paper shredding events in Miami, this article is going to be helpful for you.

When did document shredding started?

Even though paper shredding events became famous in the recent years, the concept of paper shredding has been around for a long time. The idea of the world’s first paper shredder was shared by Abbot Augustus Low in 1906. By then, paper had become a huge part of so many people’s everyday life that the need of its proper disposal became Low’s inspiration. The patent filed by Low called world’s first paper shredder a “waste paper receptacle”. Sadly, his paper shredder’s idea got famous but never became available in the market.

The concept of paper shredders was then forgotten till 1935 when world’s first paper shredder was manufactured by Adolf Ehinger. He was a huge supporter of anti-Nazi propaganda and printed anti-Nazi propaganda material whenever he could. He invented and used a hand-cranked shredder made on a pasta maker to dispose of proofs of his support to anti-Nazi propaganda and protect himself from inquiry. Soon his invention got famous and he started selling these shredders to local market, government agencies and various financial institutions.

Iranian revolutionaries gave a new life to paper shredding techniques in 1979 after seizing piles of shredded paper from the American embassy. The shredders in that time could only cut long, thin strips out of the unwanted paper, the revolutionaries pieced the strips together and read the information. Since then, new shredders got famous in the market allowing user to cut with cross-cut and other advanced blades.

Why is paper shredding important for you?

If paper shredding events are going viral, there must be a reason. Well, there are plenty of reasons and some of them are listed below for you.

  1. Paper shredding events help people take care of unwanted documents with personal or sensitive information. Shredding these documents with advanced paper shredders ensure that the information is kept safe from unwanted access.
  2. Paper shredding allows you to get rid of the unwanted documents kept at home making space for new documents or other materials. This removes unnecessary waste from your home for a cleaner look.
  3. Since paper shredded at these events is used to make recycled products like toilet paper, writing pads, bath towels, egg cartons and so much more, it saves the world from environmental crises.
  4. Recycling just 1 ton of paper saves 17 trees. Shredding documents on paper shredding events give you a chance to play your part in saving trees which eventually saves Earth.
  5. Paper shredding is a good way of saving yourself from identity theft that usually occurs due to improper disposal of sensitive documents.

Search for shred events near me today!

The list of the benefits of shred events goes on and on but if the benefits listed above have won you over, get ready to attend the next shred event in Miami. These events are mostly free of cost and allows for a healthy getaway from the busy lives while giving you a chance to connect with like-minded people. You can easily connect with new faces and make friends to hang out with on these events. On top of that, you can shred a good number of documents you take with you and get some snacks.

These events are attended by people of all age groups. Since these events serve as a good way to spread education and awareness, different organizations do a collaboration with organizers as well. Attending such an event can help you get yourself educated on newer things from the world too. Taking your kids to these events is yet another great idea as they can learn the benefits of paper shredding from an early age and can become ambassadors in future. If you have already found the next paper shredding event you want to attend, here are somethings you must mention on your to-do list:

  • Gather all of your unwanted documents with private and sensitive information. Put all of these documents in an envelope and write “PRIVATE DOCUMENTS” on top of it so you don’t mix them.
  • Collect all unwanted papers from the cabinets in your house. These papers should not carry any sensitive or private information. Place these papers in a separate envelope and write UNNECESSARY PAPERS on it.
  • Check your store room for any old newspapers and magazines that have been laying around for a long time. Since these are not wanted anymore, what could be a better way to get rid of them than a paper shredding event?
  • Get yourself a tote bag and add both of the envelopes in it. Place the old newspapers and magazines in it as well. This will help you to carry all the unwanted documents and papers to the event.
  • Wear an easy to carry dress on the day of the event. This would help you to move around with the tons of paper weight you would be carrying. Make sure you are comfortable in whatever you are wearing.
  • Don’t forget to take someone with you if you have lots of papers. Take all the help you need to shred all the unwanted paper and make this world a beautiful and healthy place for yourself and generations to come!

Remember to repeat the steps shared above for every paper shredding event.

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All about free paper shredding events in Miami

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